Complete Grimms Fairy Tales : Book Paperback (Fingerprint) Jacob Grimm



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Once upon a time in a fairy tale world,
There were magical mirrors and golden slippers,
Castles and fields and mountains of glass,
Houses of bread and windows of sugar.
Frogs transformed into handsome Princes,
And big bad wolves into innocent grandmothers.
There were evil queens and wicked stepmothers,
Sweethearts, true brides and secret lovers.
In the same fairy world,
A poor boy has found a golden key and an iron chest and
“We must wait until he has quite unlocked it and opened the lid.”
A classic collection of timeless folk tales by Grimm Brothers, Grimm’s Fairy Tales are not only enchanting, mysterious and amusing, but also frightening and intriguing. Delighting children and adults alike, these tales have undergone several adaptations over the decades.
This edition with black-and-white illustrations is a translation by Margaret Hunt.

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