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“Is not a day divided into twenty-four hours, each hour into sixty minutes and every minute sub-divided into sixty seconds? Now in 86,400 seconds very many things can be done.”
Edmond Dantès, a worthy and loving sailor, is imprisoned on the night of his wedding feast for a crime he has not committed. Thrown into solitary confinement, he decides to starve himself to death. But a few weeks later, there’s a scratching on his wall. Curious about the sound, he begins to eat again, using the serving dish to dig up. He eventually comes across a fellow prisoner, Faria, an Italian priest, who bequeaths him a secret treasure hidden on the island of Monte Cristo.
How does Dantès escape and what turns him
into the vindictive Count of Monte Cristo?
Alexandre Dumas’ the Count of Monte Cristo is a legendary saga of a sailor, his romance, betrayal, punishment and revenge. a literary classic, it has been translated into almost all the modern languages. an inspiration for many literary and non-literary works, it has been a subject of various notable adaptations across different art forms.

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