Yoga Sutras for Children : Book Paperback (Roopa Pai)



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What are the Yoga Sutras? Instructions for bearded rishis who lived in the forests of ancient India? Or the complete manual of asanas?

Neither! In fact, the text may well have been called ‘Maharishi P’s Ultimate Handbook of Mind Control’, for it is really a set of techniques to help us – all of us – awaken and harness the explosive power of our minds, through our actions, our attitudes and our awareness.

And not through asanas? That too, but not in the way you imagined it.

In this surprising, sparkling book, Roopa Pai unravels the secrets of Patanjali’s compact 2,000-year-old text in ways both fun and accessible. Walk down the well-marked paths into a dazzling world where a whole new version of yourself – self-assured, fearless and free – awaits you.

Go on, then – what are you waiting for?

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