Textbook of Pathology (Free Pathology Quick Review) 9th Edition : Book Hardcover (Harsh Mohan)



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  • Competency-based curricular changes recommended by NMC incorporated as core/must-know, and non-core/desirable-to-know and their corresponding new assessment methods included.
  • Updated text in academic and diagnostic pathology includes current definitions, additional causes, contemporary mechanisms, up-to-date international classifications of diseases (including WHO classifications of neoplasms, 5th edition) and modern approach to diagnosis and prognosis, in a simple, lucid, easily understandable and reproducible, user-friendly format.
  • Newer content includes a new chapter on ‘Blood Banking and Transfusion’ and another on ‘Clinical Pathology’ incorporated in Appendix I along with Basic Diagnostic Cytology. Pathology of COVID-19 and its impact on different organ-systems incorporated in different chapters.
  • Labelled gross and photomicrographs of high quality and better resolution added and amended; many of these were generously contributed by Prof Ivan Damjanov in previous edition; several schematic illustrations updated and amended.
  • New tables added at several places for enhanced learning.
  • Key points as gist at the end of every topic in bulleted points for a rapid revision of the subject in an ultra-short time.
  • Chapter orientation paragraph given at the beginning of every chapter to peek through the entire chapter and meant to aid the user in systematic and organised learning.
  • Revised companion book prepared exclusively on the pattern of competencies/outcomes as recommended by the NMC is given for free to the user of the textbook for a quick review of the subject.
  • Complimentary online learning resource includes high-yield questions (long-answer type, short-answer type, MCQs, clinical scenario-based and image-based) and clinical cases along with key and explanatory notes.
  • Cheers! No overburdening!! With all these additions and insertions, girth of the book remains unaltered, care having been taken not to overburden the already stressed students.
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