Textbook Of Medical Laboratory Technology Vol 1 & 2 3th 2021 Edition : Clinical Laboratory Science And Molecular Diagnosis : Book Paperback (Praful B Godkar)



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Textbook of Medical Laboratory Technology (Set of 2 Volumes) is a comprehensive set of two books for undergraduate students of Medicine. The book comprises chapters on clinical biochemistry, clinical microbiology, hematology, molecular biology and cytogenetics, histopathology and cytogenetics techniques. In addition, the book consists of several illustrations and diagrams for better understanding of the concepts. This book is essential for students of Biotechnology and Molecular Biology. About the Authors Praful B. Godkar and Darshan P. Godkar are Indian academic authors and educationists. They have co-authored this book.


1. Clinical Laboratory- Basic Principles and Procedures Section I: Clinical Biochemistry

2. Glassware

3. Solutions and Reagents

4. Instruments and the Laboratory Techniques

5. Automation

6. Total Quality

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