Textbook of Community Health Nursing II for BSc Nursing Students : Book Paperback (Shyamala D Manivannan)



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Key Features:

  1. The text is organized using a consistent approach across all the chapters. Each chapter starts with specific learning objectives and key terms that make the teaching-learning process further easier than ever.
  2. This book is a well-organized, informative and friendly companion for students and instructors in facilitating effective learning to enhance students walk over the desk smoothly.
  3. Extensive literature search aided to provide current information wherever (magnitude of the problem, morbidity, mortality rates, demographic trends, etc.) it is essential.
  4. Examples provided in relevant places to enhance students’ understanding. Difficult concepts are presented in a simplified manner.
  5. Eye-catching illustrations are presented at appropriate places to relieve students from boredom of learning the monotonous text as well as understand the difficult concept with ease.
  6. Meaningful flow charts presented at appropriate places would help students’ to revise the text and remember well.
  7. Important points highlighted in boxes will make the students feel as though a guide sitting by their side.
  8. Many chapters include a big description or a short paragraph on historical perspective that promotes students’ ability to compare the present with the past.
  9. Each chapter ends up with summary for quick reading of the essence of the chapter.
  10. At the end of each chapter objective and subjective test questions are provided by sampling the entire chapter to enhance self-assessment at varied cognitive levels as well to prepare for examination.
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