Orthopedics Quick Review (OPQR) 9th Edition : Book Paperback (Apurv Mehra)



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Ortho Pedics Quick Review (OPQR) is a concise MCQ book having to the point information to be read in the shortest possible time with high degree of retention and maximum output. OPQR was first released in 2012. The tremendous response the book received in its first year itself came as a surprise. Since then, OPQR has become the popular choice and is the Best Selling Book for Orthopedics across the globe for those preparing for Entrance Exams. Topics are updated till December 2021.

  • Exam Oriented authentic and concise content.
  • Emphasis on concept building and focused learning.
  • Self explanatory flowcharts.
  • Diagrams and images to supplement the text to enable students to understand basic concepts in a better way.
  • Easy to grasp and retain mnemonics.
  • Each chapter is followed by potential questions for Retro Analysis.
  • ‘Summary of Ortho’ – For Review at a glance.
  • Ortho is a Rank Deciding Subject and OPQR is a must-read book for every student aspiring for Top Ranks in PGMEE.
  • Important points highlighted in each topic.
  • High Yield Authentic Questions marked for Quick Revision.
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