Manual of Anesthesia for Operation Theater Technicians 2th Edition : Book Paperback (S Ahanatha Pillai)



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Quick Overview

This revised edition has come with some modifications, revision of texts in some parts, a little of additions related to the newer developments, techniques and a few changes in the figures. In appropriate places suitable addition of text with relevant figures are added. This edition retains its original simple format and easy language which is suited for the prospective reader who usually joins the course after his schooling.
Key Features

  • A well-received book, both by the students and teachers of the Paramedical Course for Technicians all over the country for the past nine years.
  • All chapters are fully revised and rearranged with addition of text and figures at suitable places.
  • Provides understanding of the technical background and the working environment of a Theater Technician.
  • Basic anatomy, physiology, microbiology and practical aspects of work are dealt in detail.
  • Explains proper functioning of equipment for day-to-day practice in a lucid manner.
  • Contains adequate and good illustrations that enhance clarity of the subject and make an enjoyable reading.
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