Indian and World Geography for Civil Services Preliminary and Main Examinations 6th 2022 Edition : Book Paperback (Majid Husain)



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Published first in 2011, written mainly for candidates preparing for Civil Services and State Services Examination has become increasingly popular within a short period of times. With the everchanging landscapes and dynamism in the world, the book provides an insight on updated Physical, Social, Economic Geography of India and the World. The book has been cautiously revised with linking the gap between static and current content. Data and statistics have been updated in all necessary sections, with improvement in maps and diagram, lucidly written contents, with well explained parts in physical and economic geography. Supported with huge list of maps and diagrams, suffices the need of examination for not only competitive examinations but also for academicians and students.

Key Features

1. Based on the latest UPSC syllabus, the book is strong in theoretical concepts
2. Completely revised with all the latest amendments in form of updated data, statistics and facts
3. Supplemented with additional revised corrected and updated maps and diagrams
4. Concept represented in the form of flow charts, tabular format and statistical techniques for better understanding.

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