Human Resource Management Text and Cases 9th Edition : Book Paperback (K Asawathappa)



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This revised edition of Human Resource Management has been updated to incorporate latest trends in the subject area along with new cases and examples. The title o_ers comprehensive discussion on all major areas of human resource management. Emerging topics, recent examples, scenario analysis and hands-on exercises have been included for learners and practitioners to stay abreast of the latest happenings in the corporate world. The book has been designed for students of business management. But practitioners will also find it useful

Key Features
• New chapter on digitalisation of HRM · New appendix on Research Topics in HRM ·
• New topics such as job grafting, managing employee experience, amended labour  laws, 4th industrial revolution and its impact etc. ·
• Rewritten sections on topics such as assessment centres, jobs and career, technology etc. ·
• Newly introduced features such as Scenario Analysis, Technology in HR and Hands-On Experience to help students bridge the gap between theoretical concepts, its practical application at the workplace, as well as the emerging technology

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