Himachal Temples and The Bengal Connection : Why Temples of Mandi Kullu Resemble Their Bengal Counterparts : Book Paperback (Monidipa Dey (Bose))



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The purposes and science behind the building of a Hindu temple as given in our sastras is now mostly a forgotten chapter in the minds of a common Hindu. Why does one visit temples besides performing the regular worship is a question that rarely occurs in one’s mind, yet, in the answer, lies the very basic essence of Hinduism: Moksha. Our temple visits are all aimed at union with the Supreme Consciousness, which is attaining moksh; the sculptures we see on our ancient and medieval temples helping us in the journey. The book aims at trying to explain some of these forgotten ancient philosophies behind the Hindu temples, their architecture, and temple iconography. Exploring the wonderful blend of folk culture and Hinduism in Himachal Pradesh, the book also explores the connection between Himachal Pradesh and Bengal temples. Scattered across Kullu and Mandi Valleys are temples bearing similarities with the medieval Pala and Sena era temples in the Eastern state. What was that connection?

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