Foundation Course Mathematics for NEET/Olympiad/NTSE Class 9 2024-25 Edition : Book Paperback (MTG)



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MTG Foundation Course Class 9 Mathematics 2024 edition is based on Competency Based Education (CBE) & NCERT latest pattern for 2024-25 to provide students strong foundation for future competitive exams.



  • CBSE & other board students
  • Students preparing for the competitive exam like JEE/ BOARDS/ CUET/ NTSE/ KVPY/ IMO.
  • Mathematics / Science teachers



MTG Foundation course Mathematics is aimed at enhancing student’s foundation studies & provide students with knowledge, concept understanding, and exam skill improvement.

  • Comprehensive theory with solved examples.
  • Well-structured concept maps for quick overview.
  • Visual aids like illustrations, tables, and flow charts.
  • Interactive sections like Activity Corner, Do You Know Sections, and Competition Window.
  • Solved NCERT Textbook exercises with additional info.


What Sets These Books Apart?

Level-wise Practice exercise with all question typologies and detailed solution consisting variety of questions like –

  • Level 1 –
  • MCQS


  • Level 2 –
  • Match the following
  • Assertion & Reason Type
  • Comprehension Type
  • Subjective Problems including Very Short Answer Type, Short Answer Type and Long Answer Type
  • Case/Passage Based Questions
  • Integer/Numerical Value Type
  • HOTS to develop high order thinking skills.
  • Solved practice papers & Math questions for CBSE, JEE & IMO.


What Will You Learn?

  • Helps in retaining the core concepts.
  • Develops analytical skills, problem-solving skills & critical thinking.
  • Enhances deeper conceptual understanding.
  • Gives you confidence of competitive exams.
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