Essentials of Pediatric Nursing as per revised INC Syllabus 3th Edition : Book Paperback (Rimple Sharma)



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Quick Overview

“Pediatrics” is an art and science and is inseparable from nursing. Providing good nursing care to sick children is most satisfying for any nurse and this is possible only when nurses have a thorough understanding of the conditions affecting children. The content succinctly covers the latest concepts, trends, data and figures on topics vital to students and educators. It provides an insight and very good understanding of the most difficult medical and surgical pediatric disorders.
Key Features

  • Content of this book has been updated as per the revised syllabus given by Indian Nursing Council (INC), for BSc Nursing and Post Basic BSc Nursing courses
  • Topics added and revised to provide comprehensive material to nursing students and faculties.
  • Pathophysiology of disease conditions is explained in form of line diagrams for the ease of understanding.
  • Review questions given at the end of each chapter will help the students to evaluate their understanding of the matter and ability to recall the information.
  • This textbook is definitely going to be a valuable companion to all nursing students
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