Essentials of Medical Physiology 8th Edition : Book Paperback (K Sembulingam)



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The eighth edition strives to keep the core subject matter in physiology up-to-date. Many tables and boxes have been added for more clarity and detail. The book has been updated with recent findings in physiology and more pathophysiological facts in accordance with modern curriculum of medical education.

Key Features

• Thoroughly revised with recent findings in the field of Physiology.  • Fully updated with pathophysiological facts in accordance with the modern curriculum of medical education. • Enriched with many new boxes containing important facts, particularly in Applied Physiology. • Includes more tables and flowcharts formatted in new attractive style. • Well-illustrated chapters with beautiful descriptive color diagrams.  • Chapter outline given at the beginning of each chapter prepares the mind of the reader what to expect from that chapter and how to approach the chapter for better understanding. • Probable questions (Essay Questions, Short Notes Questions, and Very Short Answers Questions) given at the end of each section for self assessment.  • A real state-of-the-art book with approximately 600 color diagrams. • A textbook useful not only for the medical students but also for the dental, paramedical and allied health sciences students. REVIEW OF MEDICAL PHYSIOLOGY  • Fully revised and updated text based on recent (eighth) edition of Essentials of Medical Physiology.  • Helps the students for a quick revision of entire subject in short duration. • Covers all aspects of the subject in accordance to latest curriculum of medical education.  • Contains more than 2,800 questions and answers.

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