Essentials of Medical Microbiology 4th Edition : Book Paperback (Apurba S Sastry)



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What is new in this edition? Divided into two parts-(1) General Microbiology, Immunology and Hospital Infection Control and (II) Systemic Microbiology. Systemic Microbiology (Infectious Diseases)-eight sections, each comprises of a first chapter on clinical infective syndrome followed by several chapters covering detailed information about the etiological agents. Chapters on Clinical Infective Syndromes-represent the first chapter of every Systemic Microbiology section; covers various infective syndromes pertaining to that system in detail. Parasitology topics-have been updated as per the current need of Indian Medical Graduate and discussed under respective infective syndromes. Hospital Infection Control Section-thoroughly updated in various topics such as major HAI types, monitoring of antimicrobial stewardship, escalation vs de-escalation strategy, donning/doffing of PPE and transmission-based precautions. General Microbiology Section-meticulously restructured with the inclusion of general virology, general parasitology and general mycology chapters. General bacteriology is reorganized into a single chapter with several subchapters. Overview Chapters-incorporated in the General Microbiology section, which will help in better understanding of organisms when discussed under Systemic Microbiology. COVID-19 Chapter-has been revised and updated as per the current scenario. AETCOM Module-has been updated as per the CBME curriculum for second MBBS students. Recent Advances-updates made in laboratory diagnosis, treatment guidelines and vaccine prophylaxis of infectious diseases; of note tuberculosis and HIV. Epidemiology Updates Included on-recent outbreaks and geographical distribution with special emphasis on Indian epidemiology. References followed from the latest editions of Harrison, Mandell, Bailey & Scott, CDC and WHO websites and health care programme/guidelines such as ICMR, NCDC, NTEP, NACO, NVBDCP, Immunization and GPEI, etc. Incl

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