Essential Orthopaedics 7th Edition : Book Paperback (Maheshwari)



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This book has completed 25 years of its publication and continues to remain a popular choice for medical and physiotherapy students. In these 25 years, a lot has changed in orthopaedics—some concepts have become outdated and new have taken roots. While revising a book, primarily aimed at an undergraduate medical student, it becomes a task to filter the information. One has to keep only what is required for an undergraduate. The book must maintain its basic character—a simple, readable and to-the-point book for an undergraduate.
Key Features

  • Includes Annexure on ‘Clinical Methods’ makes it an ‘all-in-one’ book for UG Students and residents.
  • Complimentary Online Resources having Clinical Cases, MCQs and Mock Tests for self-assessment.
  • ‘Additional Information: From the entrance exams point of view’ given at the end of each chapter.
  • Annexure on ‘Orthopaedic Terminology’ helps to review meaning of different terms in orthopaedics.
  • Key points ‘What have we learnt?’ have been given at the end of each chapter for a quick review.
  • A number of diagrams and X-rays have been replaced for better clarity and understanding.
  • Competency/Learning Objectives provided in the beginning of each chapter.
  • Based on Education Curriculum of National Medical Commission (NMC).
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