Discrete Mathematics and ITS Applications (SIE) 8th Edition : Book Paperback (Kenneth H Rosen)



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Discrete Mathematics and Its Applications, 8th edition by Kenneth H. Rosen and its Indian
adaptation by Kamala Krithivasan is suitable for the students of Computer Science Engineering,
Information Technology, and Mathematics. Divided into 13 chapters, the revised Indian adaptation provides an in-depth treatment of the subject to help the students understand the concepts of the subject area in an effective manner. The book not only teaches important mathematical concepts but also the application of these concepts. To enhance logical and mathematical skills, the book lays special emphasis on mathematical reasoning and problem-solving abilities of the students.

Key Features
• Inclusion of important topics such as Algebraic Structures and Coding Theory
• A precise, relevant, and comprehensive approach towards mathematical concepts without excessive formalism and
• Adoption of top-down approach, that is, basic concepts are taught first and then the advanced level concepts
• All definitions and theorems are stated extremely carefully so that the readers appreciate the precision of language
and rigor needed in mathematics
• Includes applications which can be applied to a wide variety of areas, including computer science, data networking,
psychology, chemistry, engineering, linguistics, biology, business, and the Internet
• 800+ examples are used to illustrate concepts, relates different topics, and introduce applications
• 4200+ exercises in the text, with many different types of questions
• 150+ computer projects tie together what readers may have learned in computing and in discrete mathematics

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