DC Duttas Textbook of Obstetrics 10th 2023 Edition : Book Paperback (Hiralal Konar)



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This tenth edition reflects the authoritative resource on comprehensive obstetric and perinatal care. Written as per the Competency-based Medical Education Curriculum (NMC). The language throughout the text is crisp, lucid and unambiguous. Information is consistent and uniform across all the chapters. Enriched with 790 line drawings, illustrations, photographs, boxes, tables, flowcharts, MR images, ultrasonograms and skiagrams. Key points for quick revision and fast learning. All the chapters have been thoroughly updated and restructured to reflect the contemporary obstetric care with quality. Ch. 13 Normal Labor, Ch. 39 Intrapartum Fetal Monitoring, Ch. 31, 32, 33 on Perinatal Care, and Ch. 34 Analgesia and Anesthesia in Obstetrics have been extensively revised and updated. Focuses on evidence-based knowledge. Core knowledge (must-know area) has been highlighted. Standardized headings with different styles are for quick pick-up, comfortable reading, and easy reproduction. Guidelines and recommendations of professional and academic organizations, e.g., RCOG, ACOG, ICOG, WHO, FIGO, NICE, CDC, ESHRE, ASRM, FOGSI have been highlighted. These highlighted matters are the must know for the individual topics discussed. They are the answers to the questions which the students are frequently tested on. List of most frequently used abbreviations have been provided for easy navigation. The Kernel and the Beyond Series are an extra addition. Its contents are structured to meet the one-to-one understanding of the topics for the examination point of view. It would meet the requirements for the undergraduates, postgraduates and nursing students. The QR codes used in several topics in the book highlight the extra reading matters for advanced learning. This is an approach to encourage and prepare the postgraduate students for their various examinations.

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