Database System Concepts 7th Edition : Book Paperback (Abraham Silberschatz)



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Database System Concepts presents the fundamental concepts of database management in an intuitive manner geared toward allowing students to begin working with databases as quickly as possible. A familiarity with basic data structures, computer organization, and a high-level programming language are the only prerequisites. Important theoretical results are covered, but formal proofs are omitted. In place of proofs, figures and examples are used to suggest why a result is true.
Extensive coverage of Big Data systems, from the user perspective, as well as from an internal
perspective with extensive additions and modifications


? A new chapter, Blockchain Databases that introduces blockchain technology and its growing role in enterprise applications
? Updates in all chapters covering database internals to reflect current-generation technology, such as solid-state disks, main-memory databases, multi-core systems, and column-stores
? Enhanced coverage of semi-structured data management using JSON, RDF, and SPARQL
? Updated coverage of temporal data, data analytics, and advanced indexing techniques such as write-optimized indices
? Reorganization and revision of chapters to better support courses with a significant hands-on
component including use of current-generation application development tools and Big Data systems
such as Apache Hadoop and Spark

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