All in One Mathematics CBSE Class 9 2024-25 Edition : Book Paperback (Arihant) Brijesh Dwevedi Code F1135



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  • Coverage of 12 chapters
  • Activities
  • Sample Question Papers (1–5)


  • Chapter Intro: all the contents of each chapter are listed
  • Complete Theory: contains the necessary study material well supported by definitions, facts, figures, etc.
  • Solved Examples: In between the theory examples have been solved in step-by-step
  • manner
  • Try These: A set of questions given in between the text to assess the understanding
  • Illustrative Figures: include diagrams to make the concepts completely visible
  • NCERT Exemplar Problems: each chapter has selected problems from NCERT
  • Exemplar
  • NCERT Folder: Covered questions of the NCERT Textbook with their detailed answers
  • Review Exercise: Covers all types of questions like Extract Based Questions, Very Short Answer, etc. for practice
  • Sample Question Papers: given at the end, exactly based on the latest syllabus and pattern of examination


  • The best-selling series is all new and revised as per the CBSE syllabus
  • Offers Mind Maps for complete study and Competency Based Questions for
  • practice
  • Presents the entire NCERT Textbook in a logical and accessible manner
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