1000 + Little Habits of Happy Successful Relationships : Book Hardcover (Marc Chernoff and Angel Chernoff)



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New York Times bestselling authors Marc and angel chernoff deliver inspiring, actionable advice for keeping relationships strong-forr couples, parents, friends, and more. Millions of readers turn to Marc and angel chernoff for fresh and relevant insights for living their best lives. In their newest guide, they share hard-won secrets for strengthening our connection to the loved ones who matter most. With their signature combination of common sense and uncommon wisdom, they bring together ideas for fostering intimacy and trust, expressing our needs, showing gratitude, and more. Topics include: · 10 Things happy couples do differently · 10 powerful truths every parent should read · 7 Things to remember about toxic family members · 20 powerful mantras to stop the drama in your life · 9 mindful ways to remain calm when others are angry an inspiring touchstone to read with a partner, with a friend, or solo, this simple yet powerful book offers an instant insight for anyone seeking to better understand and nurture the bonds that bring us together and make our lives whole.

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